Special Registration

Dental hygienists registered in another regulated Canadian province who want to work in PEI for a special purpose and limited time can apply for special registration with CDHPEI, valid for 30 days. Special registrants are not eligible for reinstatement or annual renewal, but may apply multiple times in a registration year, to a maximum of 90 days.

To apply for CDHPEI special registration you must:

  • Set up an account in the online registration system - HMS
  • Pay the special application fee
  • Once your application fee has been received and your basic account approved, complete all the mandatory information in your profile
  • Request proof of registration from the regulatory body in the current jurisdiction of practice to be sent directly to the CDHPEI Registrar (letter of good standing) - the contact form on this website may be used for that purpose
  • Upload your certificate of insurance
  • Upload your CPR certificate
  • Once all documents are approved, pay the special registration fee

Fee Schedule